3 Ways to Bring Humanity Back to Marketing at #SMWLA

Marketers today must fundamentally rethink their efforts and resist the urge to remain static and in the confines of the status quo. We’ve spent a decade building the systems, platforms, and devoted our strategies to measure engagement but now is the time to regroup and get back to the basics: humanity.

During #SMWLA, we’re diving into this topic with several key leaders in the space who will share case studies, insights and tips for connecting emotionally with people to build a maintain a community of loyal customers and not lose sight of their audiences as people.

The sessions below are just a small sample of what we have programmed to help us explore the power and importance of getting back to the reasons why marketing is a force for good and the tools and mechanisms by which we can enable this to happen.

Why Influencers Are Key to Bringing the Human Voice Back to Marketing

Influencers have ushered their way into marketers’ toolkits but the larger question they continue to present is how can they help us authentically integrate the human voice and experience into our storytelling and campaigns? In 2020 and beyond it will be key to challenge the norm and resist an extractive approach to how we engage consumers.

Learn how to shape your strategy so that it is genuine and provides content that is valuable and equitable for your audience in a panel led by Tulani Elisa, VP of Social Media at FOX Entertainment.

Making Mission Your Message

In today’s mobile-first world, where we spend our time and our attention impacts much more than what we buy and how much we spend. As a result, we must ensure our marketing is purpose-led, clear, and has unique characteristics to stand out above the noise. Executing on this boils down to a creating cohesive sense of your brand’s identity.

To get started, join Amazon’s Sabena Gupta as she shares best practices for bringing your mission to life in your creative that will speak for itself and translate into a strong presence in cross-channel campaigns.

Supercharging Social Engagement with Extended Creative Partnerships

The influencer marketing industry is predicted to be worth $10 billion by the end of this year. The role of influencers in helping brands connect with their audiences in highly relevant ways continues to evolve and be a dominant force for marketers in achieving scalable results. But, the differentiating factor is finding targeted partnerships as opposed to working with influencers based on the number of followers they have.

In this session, EP and Creative Director for Comedy Central Digital Studios, Mitch Lewis, will lead a panel covering the best practices for crafting original, organic content that drives authentic brand awareness.

There’s still time to join us at the Broad Stage this June (17-18). Browse the initial agenda and secure your pass online today for a discount off the walkup price.

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