Is Uber Eats changing the food industry?

You may not know about it yet, but Uber may seriously disrupt the food industry in the near future. Yeah, you’re reading that correctly – the food industry. They’re already recording some pretty amazing numbers from their food delivery platform, Uber Eats, so leasing spaces specifically designed for food delivery makes sense. Uber isn’t the only ones, either, they’re ex-CEO, Travis Kalanick also has plans to capitalize on the growing industry of shared kitchen spaces.

Now, all of that being said, there would still need to be enough demand for the food to want to rent a kitchen or at least enough interest in changing food culture to want to share a kitchen space. Whether it’s an annual event that locals celebrate, or even competitions or private ceremonies, these events are what companies like Uber Eats and CloudKitchens are counting on to grow. It’s not a bad idea, is it? Will we collectively change how and when we’re going to order food? Are younger generations going to have favorite restaurants that don’t have seats? Is delivering food going to be as popular as eating out?

The Data Driving, Food Delivery

If the data is correct, then yeah, getting food is about to change big time. We can all see that food delivery apps seem to have risen in popularity, and depending on where you live; it may be more popular still. And yes, some restaurants thrive downtown but don’t want their customers in the suburbs waiting hours for at-home delivery, and they’re already looking over options that might be lucrative, and one is pretty simple. Rent a kitchen space. Local chefs too can benefit from renting a local space and delivering their meals, if it’s good enough, people will find it we always have we always will. While restaurants are making the shift to renting kitchens and delivering food to more places across town, people too will change the way we order food and where we’d have it delivered. 

Then before you know it, going to the park may be better than going out to eat. If getting that really good sandwich from your favorite local deli can be quick and arrive where you want it, why not? Think of all of the places you have visited in your past, then you’d have to find a place to eat and hope there isn’t that long of a wait, all of that will change. Knowing you can visit a place and knowing that food can meet you there, talk about a game-changer. Hopefully, all of this starts to speed up, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry for the future. 

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