Building a Lasting Emotional Connection with Customers: A Conversation with Lindsey Turner

Today’s consumers have rapidly evolved into target audience members presenting the fundamental challenge for brands to earn attention and break through in a world overloaded with information. But where are they to begin? Primarily, through understanding audience members’ key emotional motivators and crafting content that aligns brand positioning in accordance with these feelings.

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Per recent research, 70 percent of emotionally connected consumers spend twice as much on brands they have an emotional attachment to than those who don’t. Additionally, 81 percent of those respondents promote their favorite brands to family and friends.

On 31 October, the opening day of #SMWLDN, we’ll explore this theme in detail in a session led by Lindsey Turner, Head of Creators at Twitter EMEA. As she interviews a Creator who designs for the feed and builds content for the community, you can expect to learn how to better drive brand conversations, build authenticity though best-in-class Creators, and create an emotional connection with your audience.

It’s no longer good enough for a brand to be the first or even among the first to hop on the social media bandwagon to communicate what their products and services can offer. Brands must shift their focus to longer-term strategies that emphasize what consumers feel versus what they know.

Brands that succeed in doing this effectively translate their messages into deep-seeded loyalty that sticks throughout the entire customer journey, ultimately generating higher ROI. Conversely, those who don’t run the risk of becoming lost in the growing sea of competition.

Per Viacom, the vast majority of brands in 2019 (93 percent to be precise!) are looking to transgress beyond the standard social media post and identify ways to merge experiential and influencer marketing. Above all, the fundamental responsibility we share as marketers in what is a critical inflection point for social media is to revolutionize traditional storytelling by fueling conversations that not only reflect culture but shape it.

There’s still time to join Lindsey and many more speakers in London at Westminster’s QEII Centre this fall (31 Oct – 1 Nov), – so act fast, and look toward a future of connecting with culture with us!

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