Twitter’s Agency Playbook: Your Complete Guide to Crafting Effective Campaigns

Last Tuesday Twitter published its Agency Playbook targeted to serve as a one-stop-shop guide for improving campaigns developed by marketers and agencies.

“Digital advertising is hard. With new targeting tools, lightning-fast trends, and constantly-changing best practices, it can be overwhelming and challenging to stay on top of the game. Especially when you’re managing campaigns for multiple clients,” explained content coordinator Michelle Lee in an official blog post.

To simplify this process, the Playbook is divided into sections breaking down various campaign types, interest-based targeting and analytics tools, and creative ad specs. Rounding out these tips and best practices are actionable insights from the platform’s Business team and success stories from brands and agencies.

The guide kicks off addressing a fundamental and overarching question: what exactly is Twitter’s specific role in a holistic marketing campaign? In response, the Playbook points to the marketing calendar and events dashboard to help you optimize the planning of content.

To improve your conversations and delivery, the Guide stresses the use of the most clever, conversational and bold version of your brand voice when composing Tweets and breaking any and all brand news to reinforce your timeline around launch updates, promotions, or sneak peeks. Finally, incorporate both a healthy and balanced mix of organic and paid content.

Managing client expectations & setting up a brand account

As far as managing client expectations is concerned, the Playbook points to benchmarking data in addition to other targeting capabilities and stresses that success on Twitter is about reaching the right people—not reaching the most people. It also reminds readers that as with any platform, patience is a virtue and it takes time to build a loyal presence and following.

When setting up a brand Twitter account, key pieces of advice shared in the guide include filling keeping the bio as clear and simple as possible underscoring why a user would want to follow your company, maintaining visual consistency and choosing the best-pinned tweet. Think of your Pinned Tweet as the answer to someone asking your account “what’s new?”

Crafting an effective tweet

Aside from your pinned Tweet, additional dos and don’ts to keep in mind include avoiding more than two hashtags in a single post, keeping copy clear, concise, and bold, and embedding images and media such as emojis, pictures, and short videos when possible. Another habit you’ll want to steer clear from? Setting your campaigns and then forgetting about them. Check on a newly launched campaign every few days to gauge progress.

Choosing a campaign type & identifying your target audience

There are several campaign types offered by Twitter and selecting one boils down to a firm understanding of what you or your client is trying to achieve. The Playbook breaks down, for example, campaigns ideal optimizing for followers, website clicks or conversions, application installs, example app re-engagement, tweet engagement, and video views.

Hitting the right mix often takes multiple campaigns running at the same time in a trial and error system. To help you navigate these decisions, subsequent chapters of the Playbook break down specifications for tweets, media, and various ad formats and cards, as well as important statistics and data points aimed at helping people pitch Twitter to their clients.

As you hone your approach, you can begin to define your target audience through a combination of demographic and behavioral characteristics. Keywords, interests, events, conversation, and engagement are just a few options. You can also create tailored audience lists and use conversion tracking to monitor performance.

Measuring your results

The tweet activity dashboard, audience insight dashboard, account homepage, and campaign dashboards will be your go-to sources for viewing month-to-month performance reports and helpful metrics including impressions, engagement, profile visits, new followers, and mentions.

As Lee underscores towards the closing of the post, the goal of publishing this piece of content is to address the common pain points surrounding Twitter ads and “consolidate the necessary, must-have information in one place.”

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