What is a digital marketing strategy?

Well, it’s a strategy for your digital marketing efforts, right? Or are we wanting to understand a little more of the ins and outs? Either way, let’s look at what is usually considered part of a digital marketing strategy, I hope.

When working in the digital marketing industry it’s important to document and record almost everything. There are goals and key performance indicators (kpis) that will always take precedence over the smaller initiatives but even those small and mundane little tasks need to be recorded. Maybe you’ll get faster over time during a certain part of the development, or maybe by adding in extra tools or resources you end up slowing way down. Both are important to note, so why not just record each and everything so that we have a more accurate understanding of what’s involved the next time we’re trying to piece something together for a client? Makes sense, right?

Figuring out which marketing channels to use, how we’re measuring the success of those channels, the messaging, the design, all of these things would, in a sense, be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Choosing the right imagery, the right layouts, the right words all of these things serve a place and a purpose and the more we can track these efforts, the easier the process will be down the road. Remember consistency is your friend. No matter if you’re developing a strategy to market rocket ships or designer clothes there are certain and specific actions and tasks that are repeatable and scalable, over time.


Another element to think about during the development phase would be your marketing channels. Content created for SEO discovery should be pretty different than emails. Are we attracting new clients or are we simply conversing with the customers we already have? If you’re actually building a strategy these questions get answered pretty quickly, or at least they should be. You can’t have your emails just regurgitating the same information you’ve been tweeting about for the past two weeks. Well, you can, just don’t be surprised when you’re not seeing any returns for your efforts. This shouldn’t be that hard to understand and one way to help think about this difference would be to imagine each of your channels as a different group of people attending different parties. You’re going to have some overlap, sure, but you wouldn’t be giving the same speech at your best friends wedding that you would at your niece’s preschool graduation celebration, right?

So, you get the messaging down and we’ve finalized some design decisions. Do you just blast the web at this point? No. Is there an approach to each independent channel? Yes there is. So does this mean there is a strategy inside the strategy? Yes, you bet your sweet ass there is! Did you think this stuff just goes out all willy-nilly? If that’s the case maybe start to slow down and do a little more research or start networking to find some true professionals in the field because all of these things matter when developing a strong strategy for attracting new customers while also satisfying your current customer base. 

The content itself can also have its share of complications. Are we doing video? Should the video be short and catchy, long and detailed, and where the hell will you use it? Paying for content creation or video production can be costly so that’s why a strategy is important. If the research was done properly we should be able to budget accordingly to help address the issue. Is that $5,000 video you want to create going to provide enough value and gain enough return? If not, maybe we go back to the drawing board and think about your options. Sometimes the flashy, new, and fun options aren’t the proper route and that’s okay. Listen to the experts that you trust and don’t ever just do something just to say you did it. The best strategies often take time, money, resources, and a TON of patience so do yourself a favor and ask a lot of questions and take notes. Once you’ve established a good process for executing on the strategy the real fun can begin. 

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